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We demystify crypto so you can take tomorrow's money today.

Built for the needs of business owners like you.

ASC was designed with a singular purpose. Serve the needs of merchants no matter the size of their business.

What is Active Smart Contract?

ASC is a simple payment gateway and processing system that enables merchants to accept traditional credit cards and cryptocurrencies, all on a single platform.  Our simple APIs make integration with your eCommerce website or application quick and easy while our unified reporting system gives you the tools and insight you need to manage your payments.

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Digital currency is the future of money and like credit cards, will eventually become mainstream. Unlike credit cards however, cryptocurrency will enjoy a much faster adoption rate due to modern technology and social media.

Process your credit card payments with tools such as gateway load-balancing , customized reporting, fraud prevention tools, recurring billing schedules and intelligent decline recovery.

You need more than just processing to succeed. ASC gives you the reporting system and insight into your transactions to help you manage your business.

How are we different?

There are plenty of payment solutions out there to chose from, but if you want service, support and accountability, we’re the one you’re looking for.  We have over 20 years of experience building gateways, recurring billing systems and secure APIs, and now every bit of that knowledge is being put to work for you.

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